About Us

All artificial lawn is not the same.

Artificial Lawn Supplies

We Are The Artificial Grass Perth Experts

Artificial Lawn Supplies is a privately owned Perth based company specialising in the design, construction and installation of synthetic grass and acrylic surfaces for commercial, sporting and residential use.

As a further service we also maintain artificial surfaces and construct limestone walls and fences. Our broad skill set and experience enables us to lead your project from start to finish.


We stand by the products we use and the service we deliver – your satisfaction is our #1 focus.


If you’re not happy, then neither are we. We guarantee our products, our workmanship, and your total satisfaction.

Quality guaranteed

With a warranty of up to 8 years on all Artificial Lawn Supplies’ lawns, you can be confident you have the best artificial lawn Perth can provide.

Environmentally responsible

Artificial Lawn Supplies’ products are great for your home environment and save water.

Wholly WA-owned

We’re a solid, local company. We’d say we were grass roots if that wasn’t so yesterday.


There are artificial products out there that don’t meet our standards. We’ve seen lawns from certain large Asian manufacturers that just don’t cut it. All our lawns are either Australian-made. Safe for children and pets, our products exceed all quality assurance standards.

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Our commitment to quality

All our artificial grass products are genuine Australian made and of highest quality. As a result you will not only have a better end product, but also a much greater life expectancy and less maintenance issues along the way.

When working with us you will benefit from our extensive experience that we gained over the past 10 years. Our company culture is formed by our strong believe in honesty, integrity and accountability.

The benefits of artificial surfaces

Over the last ten years artificial surfaces have become more and more popular and there are many reasons for it. Whether it is for a small community gathering area, a sporting ground or an area of mixed use, the benefits are similar.

  • Increased playing and usage time
  • Money savings on groundsman time
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Huge water savings
  • Cost savings on fertilizer
  • Premium playing surface in all weather conditions
  • Clean look and feel
  • Safe for players and environment
  • Long lasting
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Eco-friendly

Our services

Our services incorporate all aspects of a project and include:

  • Consultation and design of all projects
  • Consultant engineering services
  • Geo-technical advise
  • Construction – base building, retaining walls, drainage, ditch walls, lighting, fencing, paving, shelters, seating and retractable shades systems
  • Accredited installation of your new synthetic surface
  • Endorsed maintenance schedule
  • Comprehensive warranties